Every parent deserves to be brought out of their isolation, to be given hope and to leave with new friends who will walk the rest of their journey with them.

Through the National Autism Association of North Texas, Julie has spearheaded free Autism Moms Events for the past seven years. The hope these events brought to attendees inspired Julie to do more. The book, United in Autism: Finding Strength Inside the Spectrum, opened the door to start UnitedinAutism.org and bring free United in Autism Moms Events across the country. United in Autism joins together with local autism charities to plan and implement events in their cities with the goal of connecting and pampering moms who would otherwise live in isolation.

Click here for more information on how to help with these events or bring one to your area.  Click here to see event dates and cities already in the works.

It took a lot of courage to attend last night's event. I had been on the waiting list and got invited last minute. In the last five years it's been just my son and I most days, and I have no real friends, much less any who understand my struggles. Last night I got treated to a fine meal, comedy show, and felt surrounded by women who I didn't have to know to feel that they understood me. Then I spoke with a few of the moms, made connections, shared stories, struggles, tips, and walked away feeling like the autism journey I am on with my son was just a little less impossible. Thank you for the amazing time!

C. VanAtta, Autism Mom

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