A vivid storyteller, Julie Hornok speaks from the heart with honesty, humor and practical advice. She addresses the tough stuff of life by connecting with all types of audiences through heartwarming and humorous stories. Listeners will leave inspired to find grace, acceptance and strength in their own lives.

Julie loves to craft unique experiences to meet the individual needs of each audience.

Some popular topics she addresses include:

“Finding Strength in Your Story” – Created for anyone going through difficult times, Julie addresses this topic with both delicacy and humor; sharing heartfelt stories from not only her own life, but from parents all around the world. Listeners are given three keys to walk through their grief, tap into their strength, and move forward in their own lives feeling a lightness that can only be described as hope. This topic provides listeners with the emotional support they have been longing for.

“Unlocking Your Empathy” – Created for disability providers, Julie shares her personal experience with parenting autism and insights pulled together from interviewing inspirational families from all over the world. She has audiences laughing and crying as they develop a deeper understanding for what special needs parents go through, while being inspired to use their own personal challenges for good.

“Where’s God in Disability?” – Created for an audience unfamiliar with the world of disability, Julie shares her personal story of raising her autistic daughter and stories from parents she interviewed all over the world for her book, United in Autism: Finding Strength Inside the Spectrum. Listeners experience a behind-closed-door view into this mysterious disorder, gain insights on how to interact with these families in their community, and unlock the beauty God reveals through disability. Listeners also have the opportunity to ask questions in a safe, non-judgmental space.

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Julie has a passion for the autism community and it shows. She knows how to inspire moms while making them laugh and sends them home feeling hopeful.  We can't wait until her next book so she can speak again!

Michelle Doan
Therapy & Beyond

Julie’s presentation was very touching and heartwarming!  She was honest, real, and genuine.  Hearing about her life experiences helped open my eyes to see what a parent of a child with Autism goes through, and that there is so much hope and light in their journey!

Karla Alambar
Early Childhood Intervention

Julie Hornok is a relatable, down-to-earth, and winsome speaker!  She has an amazing way of connecting with her audience as she shares stories and wisdom that are beautifully framed by her great sense of humor and her authentic transparency.

Jennifer Bryant
Director of Women’s Ministry, Frisco Bible Church

Julie’s hilarious outlook, words of encouragement and real-life stories made this an entertaining, relatable and truly memorable event for so many parents and caregivers. It was a delight to work with and get to know Julie. She is a shining light in a world of darkness and denial.

Darla Farmer
Founder and Executive Director, Hope For Three Autism Advocates

There were so many things I enjoyed about the Moms Night. I appreciated Julie being candid about her journey and the laughs. I hadn’t gotten out like that in a long time. When I got home I really reflected on the points she made, and I realized that I have shut myself off for such a long time. It’s time for me to get back in the saddle and go to groups and events. I can support other mothers in their journey, and get support as well.

Tomi K, Autism Mom

She has a real talent for speaking at the event, knowing exactly what moms of kids with special needs want to hear.

Denise Wetzel
Executive Director, Families Together

When Julie spoke to our group, we immediately felt like we were talking with a good friend. The type of friend who is warm, genuine, and doesn’t try to sugar coat things. She was able to engage a large range of moms on a topic that either effected them personally or effects someone close to them. Julie was funny, sincere, and uplifting. We would highly recommend her for your next speaking engagement.

Jenny Freeborg
LifePoint Church

I was really excited to have Julie come speak to our MOPS group, but had no idea what we were in for. She was amazing! She left our moms feeling like they are not the only ones facing major parenting struggles and gave us simple biblical tools in facing them. Her calm, sweet, and honest testimony was not only refreshing but empowering.

Jennifer Nicholson
Spring Creek Church

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